9th SignedPRINTS Photography Contest-2020 Subject: Green

1st Prize: Dr Ajit Huilgol

2nd Prize: Barun Rajgaria

3rd Prize: Anitha Mysore

Aquamarine rivers, olive green forests, moss on stones and jaded mornings, tints of the color green are seen everywhere. Indicative of fertility and freshness, youth, ambition and hope this color represents life itself. In this year’s contest, we ask you to portray a bouquet of green in your photographs.

If you are a serious enthusiast, hobbyist, student of photography, an avid shutterbug or simply a pro, this could be your chance to win cash prizes & showcase your talent worldwide through our website that has an audience from across the world.

THE PRIZE: Sponsored by THREEDOTS Group
There are three cash prizes. The 1st prize is INR.5000/-. The 2nd & 3rd prizes are of INR.3000/- & INR.2000/- respectively.


  • We need a signed print from the top 3 short listed entrants to determine the final results.
  • The shorter side of the print needs to be 12 inches. The 3 winning images will be displayed on SignedPRINTS website’s contest section. The signed print of the winning entry that is sent for judging will be framed and displayed at the SignedPRINTS/THREEDOTS office and will be considered as part of SignedPRINTS collection. It will not be returned.
  • SignedPRINTS/THREEDOTS Group will not bear the cost of the print and/or couriers/postal charges for sending the print.
  • Please note the copyright of the image will still be retained by the respective winners.
  • The contest is open to Indian residents only.
  • Employees of THREEDOTS Group/SignedPRINTS will not qualify for the contest.
  • Participants are allowed a maximum of THREE entries each.
  • The previous winners of this contest cannot participate.
  • The contest can be pulled off at THREEDOTS/SignedPRINTS discretion at any point in time without any prior notice. 

There is no participation fee to enter the 9th SignedPRINTS Photography Contest – 2020. It is a FREE contest!


  • Image files should be JPEG files and resolution should be 1920×1080 pixels at 300dpi. The file size should not exceed 2MB.
  • No Special Characters allowed but you can use “-” and “_” in your title.
  • Entries will be disqualified if there is any watermark, border and/or logo on the image.

All entries must be submitted latest by 15th November 2020. It will not be extended.

Winners will be announced on SignedPRINTS website & THREEDOTS Twitter handle on 15th January 2021. The prize money in form of a Demand Draft/Bank Transfer will be mailed/transferred to the winners by 15th February 2021.


  • The entrant must be the sole creator of his/her photographs and must also own the copyrights and rights to reproduction of all pictures entered into the contest.
  • It is the legal responsibility of the entrants and not THREEDOTS Group and/or SignedPRINTS, to ensure that publication/display of the photographs in print or electronic form by SignedPRINTS raises no legal claims at any future date.
  • By entering your images into the contest, entrants agree to allow SignedPRINTS to publish/display their photographs, in print or electronic form, without payment, in conjunction with this contest even in future with due credit.
  • SignedPRINTS will appoint a judging panel per discretion of THREEDOTS to determine the winning images.
  • The decision of the judges will be final. The independent jury, THREEDOTS Group/SignedPRINTS will not entertain any correspondence regarding the judging or organization of the contest.
  • SignedPRINTS/THREEDOTS can store the data like your email id and/or phone number for future communication.
  • Every entrant will retain copyrights of his/her image.


  • Entries will be judged on the basis of interpreting and expressing the theme, along with the technical and aesthetic quality of the photograph.
  • Entrants may be contacted via email/over phone for a high-resolution JPEG or RAW file of their image and other details such as proof of age, for potential short listing purposes during the contest. Failure to produce such details or a high-resolution file within five days will eliminate an entrant from the short listing process.


  1. I’m an Indian citizen living abroad. Can I still participate?
    No, you can’t. The contest is open to Indian residents only.
  1. Is there an age limit for participating?
    No. If a minor wins a prize, we will need his/her legal guardian’s written consent to claim the prize money.
  1. Can photos be taken with a phone camera?
    No. Photographs taken with a mobile phone is not accepted.
  1. I have a fantastic shot, but I’m not sure it really fits the theme. Should I still enter it?
    The themes of our contests are largely interpretative. As long as a photograph connects to the theme in some way, you can submit your entries.
  1. How much image editing do you allow?
    We recognize that digital photographs need some amount of post-processing to look their best. Hence, we will accept corrections or enhancements for colours, contrast and brightness of an image. However, any entries that have been excessively manipulated (outside of international standards) will be disqualified.
  1. Are release forms (Model Release) required when submitting a photograph to the contest?
    No, entering the contest indicates you have the model release form. In case there is any dispute, you will be accountable for all legal responsibilities. THREEDOTS Group/SignedPRINTS will not be liable for any legal claims. In addition, the entrant must be the sole creator of his/her images and must also own the copyrights and rights to reproduction of all pictures entered into the contest. It is the legal responsibility of the entrant, and not THREEDOTS Group/SignedPRINTS, to ensure that the publication of the photographs by SignedPRINTS does not raise any legal claims.
  1. I’d like to enter a photo that has previously been published. Is that allowed?
  1. I’d like to enter a photo that has previously won a contest. Is that allowed?
  1. I’d like to enter a photo that has been shot outside India. Is that allowed?
  1. Do you still have a question?
    If you still have a question which is not getting answered in the FAQs above, you can send us an email at [email protected]. We will get back to you as soon as possible.